bug friend!

I haven’t painted for 5 months;;;;

Ahhh beautiful art ahhhhh how do you color ahhhhhhh — Anonymous

KIND OF…. GUESS N HOPE ITS WORKS OUT TBH process changes every time since I’m not drawing digitally as often anymore;;;;

Hi! I found your old DA accout (like cieron i think its called??) then followed to your newer account and finally to your tumblr!! Your art has grown so much and and it's wonderful to admire!! I might not mean much but I feel happy and proud of your progress and I hope to see more of your art! Good luck and keep at it at your art school! — lahatmahal

Ahahah yes my old account was cierion! man that was so long ago T V T;;; the stuff on there is a little embarrassing hahaha

But woww thank you so much for this thoughtful message I really appreciate it////////(*´∀`*) ♥♥

Hopefully this year I’ll be able to post more or at least feel a little more confidant showing my schoolwork here ; A ;;

First day back to art school and I gotta do 40 media studies by thursday haha nice

watch me disappear entirely next week once I reenter the void which is art school

29 Aug +34 notes

commission sample wip

28 Aug +26 notes

so much pink lately lol srry guys;;

haha yeah so like I ‘finished’ something for the first time in 500 years nice

27 Aug +127 notes

soo muchh hairrjhsdak

im going to bed now tho lmfaodasfkjhkafh

pink haired lady love

25 Aug +18 notes


18 Aug +31 notes

gotta head out soon aaahh wip for now

my childhood magical girl hero

that meme thing that’s like “do you look like how you draw” under the cut 8’) 

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