bleep bloop

bleep bloop

21 Oct +27 notes

working so slowly aughhh

21 Oct +15 notes

aaa man I wanna livestream

but I think my computer would die

21 Oct +6 notes

currently I’m not that happy with it but there’s not much else I can do until I buy a new white gel pen when I get back to school

21 Oct +4 notes


terrified to start painting this

should prob mature content warning for DA ??//?// idek

finally getting to the fun part of the drawing

19 Oct +26 notes

bein real productive on reading week, here

18 Oct +27 notes

every time I ask people what to draw they say cat girls or some other variation but like rly guys c’mon I wanna draw other stuff too lm..fa..o

so I WAS going to do grey tones as well HOWEVER I am choosing sleep instead

all I have done is the txt and I’m already dead

looks at this semester’s paintings; laughs and cries a little