First day back to art school and I gotta do 40 media studies by thursday haha nice

watch me disappear entirely next week once I reenter the void which is art school

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commission sample wip

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so much pink lately lol srry guys;;

haha yeah so like I ‘finished’ something for the first time in 500 years nice

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soo muchh hairrjhsdak

im going to bed now tho lmfaodasfkjhkafh

pink haired lady love

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gotta head out soon aaahh wip for now

my childhood magical girl hero

that meme thing that’s like “do you look like how you draw” under the cut 8’) 

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Her character Torry from her comic Bright Eyes check it out because the characters are amazing and jazmine’s art is 2 die 4 OK

design prompts?

I’m thinking of doodling some quick chara designs tonight/ tomorrow/ soon iif anyone wants to send like themes + gender or smthn like that it cool yo (gender cus otherwise I’ll just make a million female designs lmfao)

(・㉨・ )ノ ♡ 


Sorry haven’t updated for a while whoops- dsfjkyhsdfa

I’ve been drawing primarily in my sketchbooks rn and uploading to instagram thoughhh. I’m visiting home for about a week so idk if I’ll be able to use my tablet much because of lack of a second monitor but mby I can figure smthn out in the meantime!

style is kinda all over the place rn but I am trying to get back to where I was around 2012 because I’d had a good stride there…

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